New petrol price in Pakistan

Last updated on 29 July 2022 of petrol price in Pakistan. Miftah Ismail, the Finance Minister, said that the government has decided to raise the price of petrol by Rs24.05, bringing the latest price of petrol is Rs.230.24 per liter, a new high.

The government will no longer support any losses on petroleum goods,” the finance minister stated at a press conference, pleading with the public to bear the cost for a few months because the government had no other choice.

The new petrol price in Pakistan is Rs.230.824 per liter.

The new Diesel price in Pakistan is Rs.236.00 per liter.

New Petroleum per liter prices in Pakistan/ Petrol price:

Petroleum Products:Old prices of Petroleum:Increase/Decrease in price:New Petroleum prices:
Kerosene oilRs.230.26Rs.33.81Rs.196.45
Light diesel oilRs.226.15Rs.34.71Rs.191.44

People said that rising petrol prices also increase inflation in Pakistan. People are fed up with daily inflation. It has become difficult for the poor to live.  Instead of giving relief to the people, the government has given a storm of inflation. It seems that the government will not allow eating even two meals a day.