Friday, May 24, 2024

Nasla Tower history

Nasla Tower history, is an eleven-story apartment in Karachi near Shahrah-e-Faisal. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the immediate deconstruction of Nasla Tower, a residence project in Plot No. 193 Sindhi Muslim Housing Society at the crossing of Shahra-e-Qaedin and Shahra-e-Faisal, in an encroachment matter ongoing in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The property was sold from Nusratali to Mustafai Begum. After her death, the land, which measured 1,044 square yards at the time, was given to her four legal successors. The legal heirs had moved the entire 1,044 sq yds in the name of Rafiqa Rafique by May 27, 2005.

To grasp the full Nasla Tower history, keep in mind that the plot No. A-193, where the residential building Nasla Tower is built, was originally hold 780 square yards in size. Nusrat Ali was given Plot No. A-193 size 780 sq yds and having survey No. 242 on December 23, 1950. By March 22, 1955, the site had been handed to his widow Mustafai Begum.

The residents of the apartment, which has 44 objects, have refused to leave. They questioned why the government allowed unlawful projects to proceed. We also have all of the necessary legal documentation. Rafiqa gave Katlia the power of attorney and Muzammil Amin the sub-attorney, but the transfer instrument was never signed. The current owner obtained the site through a transfer agreement signed in 2015, according to the SC order.

When queried about the specifics of deed, Amin said he didn’t know anything about it, Katlia stated the ownership of Nasla Tower was moved to his father via a conveyance deed in 2015 but didn’t provide the paperwork, and the society said they don’t have any transfer deeds from that year.

The ownership of a whole property is given to someone else by a transfer deed. The ownership of the asset does not change when a power of attorney or sub-attorney is used, but the authorized user can sell it and modify its status, among other things.