Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Message of PM Imran Khan to the youth is the only those succeeds who falling and recover

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The message to the youth of PM Imran Khan is the only those successful who falling and recover. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also begun to send video updates to the general public and to young people in particular. Prime Minister Imran Khan recently launched a video for young people around the world, which featured a speech taken from one of his lectures, in a video titled Inspiring. Though part of the old speech by Imran Khan was included in the film, other inspiring scenes were also included in the video.

PM Imran Khan is heard in his speech in the film, which is less than two minutes long, saying that whoever has dreamed of going to such heights in life should expect life to fall from such heights, too. He is heard saying in his voice that life is like a bicycle that never runs straight. Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing the youth, said that whatever challenges, troubles or grievances emerge in life, they come to teach and enrich life.

Prime Minister said that people who are unhappy with the bad times of life will move on sooner and then they can not be overtaken by any concerns or issues. Prime Minister said in the video that he becomes more successful than ever when a person falls down and gets up and starts working again.

A video of his old decline played this part of the Prime Minister’s speech and then continued his political activities after his downfall and was seen to be successful. The video was posted by the Prime Minister and he wrote that his message was for all young people in the country. Two days before the video was released to the youth by the Prime Minister, he had published a video showing his old speech to the National Assembly on the building of the state of Madinah.