Friday, July 12, 2024

CH Shahid Iqbal Gujjar, Kamalia PP123

Ch Shahid Iqbal Gujjar is the Independent Candidate in the General Election 2024 for the Punjab Provincial Assembly PP123 Kamalia. He wanted to contest the election on the ticket of PML-N but he did not get the ticket.

Ch Asad Rehman, (who is the Nominated Candidate of PML-N for National Assembly NA 107 in the General Election 2024) would like Ch Shahid Iqbal Gujjar as PML-N Nominated Candidate for PP123 but the PML-N board chose Nazia Raheel for the ticket of PP123 Kamalia. In this reaction, Ch Asad Rehman decided to support Ch Shahid Iqbal instead of Nazia Raheel. On the reaction of Asad Rehman, Nazia Raheel decided to support independent Candidate Haider Khan Khral for NA 107.

However, the General Election 2024 in Kamalia is more interesting because the PNL-N Nominated Candidate for the National Assembly NA107 Ch Asad Rehman is supporting the Independent Candidate for the Punjab Provincial Assembly PP123, and the PML-N nominated candidate for the PP123 is supporting the Independent Candidate for National Assembly NA107.

According to the survey, Ch Shahid Iqbal Gujjar and Ch Asad Rehman have more chances to win the election in PP123 and NA 107.