Sunday, June 16, 2024

Is it possible to prevent corona virus with multiple doses of vaccine ?

The issue of whether using more than one doses of vaccine of corona virus to protection against the worldwide corona virus could be helpful in preventing corona was mentioned in relation to the different vaccines that safeguard against the corona virus.

In Pakistan, medical professionals have discovered that using multiple doses of vaccine of corona virus are advantageous.

According to health professionals, if a person has the option of getting vaccinated doses by more than one or different medicine companies, he/she should take advantage of it.

Some health professionals, on the other hand, have recommended caution, reporting that investigations of multiple vaccines in various countries have not generated final results, so it is best to avoid it at this time.

The deadly corona virus epidemic has hit every part of the globe, and the number of patients and deaths is continuing to increase. The number of people diagnosed with the corona virus has jumped to 142,724,056, with 3,043,591 people dying as a result of this fatal virus.

There are 1,84,040,160 corona virus victims getting handled in hospitals, isolation centres, and in home quarantine around the world, with 1,8,175 in serious state and 121,240,315 corona virus cases in the United States. Patients have made a full recovery.

The United States, which has a population of more than 330 million people and is among the top ten countries in terms of corona virus patients and deaths, is still in first place, with 581,545 people having died as a result of the virus. The estimated number of people who are sick has risen to 32.470 million.