Saturday, July 13, 2024

Dr. Amna Khan of Pakistan is the first student to conduct research on novel chemicals

Dr. Amna Khan, a Pakistani, is also the first student in the world to study Novel Chemicals for bone cancer treatment at the University of Malta. In an interview with Malta’s National TV, Amna Khan said that this is the first time in the world that natural chemicals are being used to study bone cancer. These novel chemicals can be handled and are derived from terrestrial insects and plants.

They don’t damage healthy bones the way chemotherapy does; instead, they destroy cancer cells,” he explained. This is what I have proven in this study, according to Amna Khan.

Dr. Amna invent the treatment of bone cancer with novel chemical

He claims that this novel procedure can be used to treat bone cancer and replace chemotherapy, and that since it is a modern treatment, it improves survival rates. According to Amna Khan, this procedure has never been used for bone cancer anywhere else in the world, and one of the reasons for this is that it would not cause the patient or the rest of the body any discomfort due to chemo. There are some drawbacks to be aware of.

Remove the bone cancer cells from the bones

Dr. Amna Khan has conducted excellent studies and has successfully removed bone cancer cells from the bones. This natural product has only removed bone cancer cells and has not damaged the healthy bones. It was a huge achievement that could pave the way for significant advances in the treatment of infectious diseases like bone cancer. Amna Khan has proudly raised the country’s and nation’s names through this fruitful experiment.

Research book of Dr. Amna Khan

Dr. Amna Khan presented the President of Malta, George Villa, with his book on this study, on which the President of Malta lavished praise on Pakistan’s daughter and predicted that Dr. Amna’s research would prove to be a valuable present invention. We are particularly proud of the fact that this study was conducted at the University of Malta.