Gold rate in Pakistan

Gold is regarded as the best long-term investment. Gold jewellery is very popular among Pakistani ladies, and gold is believed to be as good as cash. In Pakistan, the gold rate is never stable; it changes based on international gold pricing. Gold is mostly imported into Pakistan from Gulf countries, and the price of gold is determined by the existing Dollar rate. Gold is classified on its quality and standard. In Pakistan, the gold sold under these categories 24K , 22K , 21K and 18K with weights measured in Tola and grams. Gold jewellery has a production cost that is decided by the product’s design. The price of gold in Pakistanis currently Rs.96,365 per 10 grams Gold price and Rs.112,400 per Tola Gold price in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a dependent on imported of gold, an increase gold price in global markets reflects to a rising in consumer prices.

Throughout the week, the All Sindh Saraf Jewellers Association (ASSJA) controls gold rate in Pakistan for local markets. The rupee-dollar equality has an effect on the local prices in additional to worldwide price changes.

13 Septmber, 2021. Latest Gold price in Pakistan

Gold Rate24K Gold22K Gold21K Gold18K Gold
Per Tola Gold PriceRs.112,400/TolaRs.101,750/TolaRs.97,126/TolaRs.83,252/Tola
Per 10 Grams Gold PriceRs.96,365/10 gRs.88,334/10 gRs.83,275/10 gRs.71,375/10 g
Per Gram Gold PriceRs.9,520/gRs.8,725/g Rs.8,330/gRs.7,140/g