Friday, May 24, 2024

Xi Jinping cautions foreign powers that China will not be bullied again

On Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned foreign powers that the period of China being bullied was over. Speaking from the podium where Mao Zedong established the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Xi said the “period of China being bullied is gone forever,” applauding the party for improving salaries and recovering national dignity.

Xi claimed the party had brought about “national rejuvenation” lifted tens of poor out of work, and altered the landscape of world growth, drawing a line from the Opium Wars’ oppression to the battle to construct a social state in China.

Xi, who was dressed in a Mao-style jacket, went on to say that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese country has entered an irreversible historical trajectory and promised to keep building a “world-class” military to protect national interests.

Mao and a group of Marxist-Leninist thinkers in Shanghai launched the Communist Party in the summer of 1921, and it has since grown into one of the world’s strongest political organisations. It now has a population of roughly 95 million people, a result of a century of war, hunger, and turbulence, as well as a recent rise to superpower status, pitting it against Western adversaries led by the United States.

Thousands of singers, supported by a marching band, blasted out dramatic songs such as “We Are the Heirs of Socialism” and “With out Socialist Party, there’d be no New China,” as heat treated invitees shouted and waved flags in Tiananmen Square. A fly-by of helicopters in formation spelling ‘100,’ with a large hammer and sickle flag trailing behind them, and a 100-gun salute followed, as young communists swore their devotion to the party in unison. It is remembered that Chinese President Xi Jinping cautions foreign powers that the China will not be bullied again in his speech.