Wednesday, April 10, 2024

China-US relations, China broke the silence on Biden’s victory in the US election

BEIJING (Monitoring Desk) – Three weeks after the US presidential election outcome, China eventually broke its silence about the victory of Joe Biden. According to the Chinese state news agency, President Xi Jinping in his congratulatory letter to the newly elected President of the United States said that the international community wants us to have safe and secure ties. The Chinese President stated in his message that we hope to foster mutual respect and cooperation while preventing tensions and confrontations. In order to improve China-US relations, we look forward to working together.

We look forward to working together to improve ties between China and the USA. It should be remembered that it was obvious from the results of the US election on November 3 that Biden was ahead of his opponent on November 7, after which he started collecting congratulatory messages from around the world. China has offered no explanation for the delay, but some analysts say President Trump did not realize the popularity of his rival and was not able to back down. So in order to prevent more bitterness in relations with Trump, Beijing refrained from congratulating his opponent.

That’s why, according to analysts, after getting signs of readiness for a transition from President Donald Trump, China has officially congratulated President-elect Biden. It should be remembered that after President Trump blamed China for the spread of the corona virus, relations between the two countries reached a low point. Moreover the US position in Hong Kong and Taiwan is also in line with the two big economic forces in the world.

In his last term, President Trump took a stern line on China, but his victorious Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, has also been seen to be highly supportive of his China campaign. In a February argument, Biden used the Chinese president’s improper words. Experts however say that the recent events do not contribute to the presumption that after Biden comes to power, there will be any imminent change in China-US relations. It is recalled that the Russian President Putin has not yet congratulated the recently elected US president and said in a speech two days ago that he was not prepared to recognize Biden as president.