A white police officer convicted of the George Floyd killing case

USA (Monitoring Desk) In the United States, a retired white police officer was confirmed guilty of the murder of a black man named George Floyd. According to the news service, a 12-member judge convicted Derek Chavan, a 45-year-old former police officer, convicted of all three charges. Chavan was arrested and could receive a lengthy prison term.

Outside the court, George Floyd followers rejoice. The ruling was hailed as a watershed moment in history by George Floyd’s family lawyer. President of the United States Joe Biden will make a comment about the Floyd proceedings. President Biden, according to the White House, called George Floyd’s family after the court decision.

It should be remembered that George Floyd, a black American, was killed in May 2020. The police officer could be seen pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck in the video. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, Derek Chavan pressed Floyd’s knees toward his neck. Floyd died instantly three minutes later, according to the medical examiners’ analysis. Following the incident, mass protests occurred all over the world, even in the United States.