Friday, June 14, 2024

COVID-19 prohibitions have been removed in England, according to the UK government

LONDON: (Monitoring Desk) The British government removed COVID-19 prohibitions on ordinary living in England on Monday, removing all social barriers in a move criticized by experts and opposition parties as a risky step into the unknown.

Nightclubs and other indoor events were permitted to reopen at midnight (2300 GMT Sunday), while legal regulations of COVID-19 prohibitions the wearing of masks and working from home was removed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised the people to be careful and to join the two-thirds of UK adults who are now fully vaccinated. Johnson is self-isolating after the coronavirus test positive of his health minister. Despite scientists’ deep worries, he supported the reopening, which was termed “freedom day” by the media, as daily rates of infection in Britain topped 50,000, second only to Indonesia and Brazil.

If we do not even act now, the virus will be able to take advantage of the cold weather in the autumn and winter months, the prime minister remarked in a video statement. He noted that the start of summer summer vacation this week offered a priceless firebreak.

We must ask themselves, If we don’t do it now, when will we do it? So now is the appropriate time, but we must proceed with caution. The government is being “reckless,” according to Jonathan Ashworth, the health spokesman for the opposition Labour Party, following experts who fear the reopening actually harms world health.

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We are opposed to opening up without any safeguards in place,” Ashworth said on BBC television, criticising the government’s mask proposal in particular. The government claims that any risks to hospital care are acceptable following the success of the vaccination campaign, which has now provided at least one dose to every adult in the United Kingdom.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, on the other hand, warned that if control of the Delta variety of coronavirus is lost, Britain might face 100,000 cases every day.The real question is whether we can double it or even go higher. He told the BBC that this is when the crystal ball begins to fail.