When an Indian woman discovers her groom chewing gutka, she calls the marriage off

A lady in India’s Uttar Pradesh state has reportedly called off her marriage after witnessing her groom-to-be chewing gutka, a practise she finds offensive. According to local media sources, the bride’s family had finished all of the wedding preparations and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the groom and his family.

When the barat came and the bride saw her soon-to-be husband munching chewing gutka, she became enraged and refused to marry him. The woman’s parents tried to calm her down, but she stuck to her guns and refused to accept the gutka-chewing man as her spouse.

The cancellation of the wedding left everyone with a bitter taste in their mouths, and all of the presents that the families had exchanged on the event were returned. As a result, the barat also returned.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, such incidents are not uncommon. Another incident occurred earlier, when the husband became inebriated and demanded that the bride dance with him. She became enraged and called the wedding off.