The cleaning woman has become the mayor of a city: MAXCO

MAXCO-(Monitoring desk) Cleaning woman from Russia wins mayoral election. According to the international media, a woman who defeated the candidate of Russian President Vladimir Putin won a the mayoral election. According to the source,  a woman named Marina Adgodskaya employed as a cleaner in a local office in a rural village in Russia from four years. In the local body election, Marina ran in the mayoral election to meet the number of candidates, in which she won by a landslide votes.

Marina Edgodskaya is now the mayor of a remote district of 29 villages located 400 kilometres from Maxco and will now look after the region’s affairs. Gas is not accessible in this village. According to the news agency, the locals use firewood to keep their homes warm during the winter. His winning came as a shock to the ex-mayor, according to the Russian media, who appointed Marina to run in the by-elections. The ex-mayor nominated Marina to fulfill the candidates list to run the election for mayor.

According to the news source, the victory came as a complete surprise to Marina, as she did not run the campaign in the election and did not deserve to win. Marina said in a statement that she was surprised by her win, not realizing that she had become mayor. She said that people elect me as a mayor of the city, I will be work for them.

It should be remembered that Marina got 62 percent of the votes, contrary to expectations, and the rival candidate got just 34 percent of the votes in the local body election for mayor in the city of MAXCO. It should be remembered that his opponent, endorsed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, was a candidate who had formerly been the mayor of the city and in current election a Cleaning lady from Russia wins mayoral election.