Staff whose work visas have expired are not permitted to return, Oman warned

MUSCAT (Monitoring desk) Brigadier General Syed al-Asami, Oman’s Minister of Health, told the Supreme Board on the Corona Virus Outbreak press conference that staff whose work visas have expired would not be permitted to return to the kingdom. Visas are suspended indefinitely, Brigadier General Al-Asami said, while entry for family members is open only to those who have legal residency here.

He thanked the people and residents for their cooperation with the Supreme Committee’s guidelines. While some cases have been reported for breaching the migration ban and not wearing masks, the health minister said. Corona SOP violators and other legislation are required to pay their fines on time. Brigadier General Al-Asami said the names and photographs of those involved in any criminal activity would be made public, adding that 3,919 medical personnel in Oman, most of them, have been detected with the corona virus. It’s corrupted the group.