Saudi Arabia’s biggest decision is to allow Israeli plane to fly over Makkah

SAUDI ARABIA (Monitoring desk) An Israeli newspaper has announced that not only has the Saudi government permitted its airspace to be used for the entry and departure of Israeli plane, it has also permitted Israeli aircraft to travel to Mecca. Often, air travel is permitted. An Israeli plane flying from Israel to India recently flew over the airspace of Mecca, according to the Hebrew newspaper.

It is impressive that the airspace of the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia was permitted through by our aircraft. He said that a plane en route from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport to India via Ethiopia was allowed to fly through the airspace of Jeddah and Mecca. The news outlet also posted a video of an Israeli airplane flying through Makkah’s airspace.

The ship entered the airspace of Jeddah and Mecca after going through the Red Sea, and reaching India. However, the report has not been verified or refuted by Saudi authorities. After the UAE reached a deal with Israel in August 2020, the Israeli air force began using Saudi airspace.