International demand rejected, Azerbaijan & Armenia declare to continue war

Two more Armenian planes destroyed, Army of Azerbaijan will continue fighting until it leaves Karabakh

BAKU-Azerbaijan and Armenia have rejected the global demand for talks and declared to continue war. Azerbaijan force say war will continue until Armenian troops withdraw from Karabakh. On the other hand, Russia has offered to hold talks with the two countries.

Azerbaijan has destroyed two more Armenian planes in the ongoing fighting between the two countries. Fighting between Zerbaijan and Armenian forces continues for fourth day in Karabakh.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrof has called for a reduction in tensions in Azerbaijan and Armenian in Karabakh, saying Russian is ready to host talks between two countries.

Russian,s Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pesco has said that Russia is closely monitoring the presidential election with the United States, but did not want to comment, because such an election would be considered interference.