Farmers protest in India against the bill passed related to Agriculture

NEW DELHI (Monitoring Desk) Farmers cross the India protest in Delhi against the Government of Narendra Modi on passed the bill of Farmers, Produce Trade and Commence. The farmers cross the India reject the new laws related to agriculture field. They believe that this Laws could destroy their livelihoods. Farmers are reaching at New Delhi from different parts of India like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana etc. They are reaching in Delhi by Tractors and on foot.

Farmers blocked the roads and set up their campus on the roads and some set up their campus at Tractor tralis. Several worship places provide food to the farmers of the protester. The farmers faced many problem for arriving in New Delhi from the administration. They break every barrier on the way and reached. Police try to stop the farmers to entering in the city. Police fired tear gas and water cannons to stop the farmers.

All the farmers protester say that we are not going back before to withdraw pass bill. We protest against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to with draw the bill. Farmers protest in India is increasing day by day and this protest in reaching in every part of India. Farmers said, it is better for Narendra Modi to withdraw the bill.