European leadership takes action against Modi, Amnesty international

BANGOR-Amnesty International’s European office urges European leadership to close offices in India, saying it is time to take a stand, not silence. European leadership breaks silence and takes action against Modi Government. Amnesty International EU has called on the European leadership to take effective action against India in a message on the social networking website Twitter.

The demand was made by Amnesty International ’s office European leadership in the wake of the Mnesty India’s office closure in order to highlight the human rights situation in India. Addressing European Council President Charles Michel, European Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Borrell and e-Mission in India, Amnesty EU said in a message on social media website Twitter that the European Union has long gone from the field of action. They said, that as human rights organizations in India were under attack. Amnesty India is now halting its work after 2 years of continuous crackdowns and totally freezing  bank’s accounts. The message concludes that it is time to take a stand.