E-mail from Hillary Clinton spills support to the Qatar Brotherhood

WASHINGTON (Monitoring desk) The leaked email from former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicates that Qatar paid a whopping 100 million members of the Muslim Brotherhood to set up its own disinformation TV channel. The September 2012 Gay Mail explained the amount of money Qatar issued to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Arab TV. The project came after the Brotherhood complained about the failure of its media outlets relative to other media outlets, according to the article. The leaked document from Hillary Clinton further claimed that the group had requested that Qatar, led by Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater, take over the management of the channel.

The institution should be monitored directly, in which situation it will immediately be financed by Doha with a capital of 100 million. The e-mail did not discuss the program’s future, its final specifics, and what will next happen. It is noteworthy that Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo was criticized by US President Donald Trump a few days ago for failing to publish emails from the former Secretary of State. He said Hillary’s use of private e-mail for specific purpose was unlawful. In the last 2016 presidential elections, he said Pompeo should find a way to spread the message of Democratic nominee Clinton.