Attack of a Saudi citizen on the guard of the French Consulate in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH (Monitoring Desk) A guard posted outside the French consulate in Saudi Arabia was attacked by a man from Saudi Arabia. With a sharp instrument, the man struck the officer, injuring the officer. Saudi police have arrested the man who assaulted the guard. The arrested Saudi national is being questioned by the police and the Saudi citizen will be able to get the truth about the real motivations and plan of the attack after the investigation.

Outside of the French Consulate in Saudi Arabia, the injured guard was shifted to a hospital where his status is now out of danger. Meanwhile, three people were shot to death by a man near a church in the French city of Nice. Three individuals were killed in the attack, according to international reports, while several others were wounded. The Mayor of the city has called it terrorism.

On the social media platform, Mayor Christian Estrae posted on twitter that the largest Notre Dame church in the city had been attacked by terrorists. The police arrested the assailant. All about the church’s knife assault reveals it as a terrorist attack. The French Minister of the Interior says there is a police operation ongoing in the region.

It should be noted that demonstrations are increasing in the Muslim world against the French President’s blasphemous comments. Outside the French embassy in Tehran, hundreds are demonstrating. In Dhaka, thousands demonstrated. Muslims continue to react strongly to blasphemous sketches and French President Macron’s arrogance. Outside the French embassy in Tehran, hundreds of Iranians staged a sit-in. The demonstrators are burning the French President ‘s poster. Protesters wanted a boycott of French goods. Women engaged in a sit-in in front of the embassy as well.

A major demonstration in Bangladesh will also take place. Rally participants marched from Dhaka’s Jama Masjid to the French embassy. Religious extremists burn down the dimy of  French Capitol President. Protesters also requested that the French ambassador be deported. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meanwhile, has said that freedom of speech has nothing to do with blasphemy. We’re not going to back down from our right. Europe has now started attacking our ideals directly. They do not even feel the need to hide their hate towards Islam.