Lori Laughlin was sent to jail on Pay a bribe for admitting her daughters to college

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk)- The 56-year-old American actress Lori Laughlin, who confessed to bribing her daughters to college, handed herself over to the police to complete her sentence. Lori Laughlin and her partner, fashion designer Mosmo Gianoli, were convicted and sentenced to life in jail by a district court in Boston , Massachusetts, in August of this year. The couple are accused of paying 500,000 to the University of Southern California to admit their two young daughters in college. Dollars were paid as they were bribed. Since the matter went to court, both originally disputed the charges, but eventually pled guilty.

At the end of 2019, both were charged in the investigation. In the same case, fifty other personalities from showbiz, sports , music, TV, industry and journalism, including actress Felicity Huffman, were also charged. At the end of 2018, early in March 2019, the college admissions crisis came to light. In exchange for bribery, the US Department of Justice charged 50 key people embroiled in the scandal for registering their kids in college.

The scandal involved people at the University of Southern California enrolling their kids in college in exchange for bribes. Which, in America, triggered panic. Lori Laughlin and her husband have confessed to paying a 5,500,000 bribe to have their two daughters admitted to college, for which they were punished to jail and fines.

Lori Laughlin was punished by the court to two months in jail and her husband to five months in jail. They were both told to appear before the police on November 19 to complete their terms, but before the deadline, the actress appeared before the police.

In Dublin, California, Lori Laughlin submitted to the Federal Central Prison Administration, according to information. On October 31, the actress turned herself over to the police in custody. Where she’ll be staying in the next two months. While Lori Laughlin handed herself over to the police before the deadline, according to the Showbiz website, her husband would hand herself over to the prison authorities by 10 November. The husband of Lori Laughlin has been sentenced to five months in jail. .After 2 months, the actress will be released from the jail.