I will lift the travel ban on Muslim countries on the first day of the presidency, Joe Biden promised to Muslims

WASHINGTON (Monitoring Desk) – Joe Biden told a gathering of Muslim Americans that he would treat Islam like it does other faiths here if he were chosen to be the next US president, and he stood by it. In any area in America, he even vowed to include American Muslims. Joe Biden has promised to end travel restrictions for Muslim nations on the first day of his presidency.

Joe Biden said that he ran as a Democrat, but he would be the president of all Americans, according to an international news outlet addressing the American people. He said the American people needed to forget about the sour memories of the electoral campaign. We must avoid seeing dissidents as enemies in order to move forward. Joe Biden said Senators Harris and I, by having the most votes in the race, are making history.

For the President and Vice President, we have earned over 70 million votes. We’re proud of our bid for the presidency. Just 3 votes in the past ousted the then incumbent. We would be the fourth to do so when it comes to election returns, God willing. This is a great success.

By winning legislative races in Wisconsin, Florida and Delaware, the Democratic Party ‘s five black Muslim candidates have set a new milestone in the U.S. Three Muslim females are included. According to an international news agency, Mari Turner, a Muslim woman from Oklahoma, was elected to the Legislative Assembly. He is also the Oklahoma Legislative Assembly’s first Muslim delegate. Similarly, in Delaware, the first Muslim member of the Legislature was Madina Wilson Anton.

Iman Jodhnam was elected to the House of Representatives of Colorado, becoming the House’s first Muslim member. In addition to being the first Muslim, Samba Baldia, elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly, is the first black delegate to represent Dan County.

Christopher Benjamin is also the first Muslim to achieve this feat, representing Florida’s 107th District in the House of Representatives. In addition to receiving strong support from American Muslims, Biden has vowed to include in his government Muslims residing in the United States and to lift Trump’s unannounced restrictions on Muslims. The Islam will be respected as every other faith in the United States.