How many electoral votes did Donald Trump and Joe Biden have left?

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk)- After the polls close, the counting of votes continues, and so far the estimated results of 31 out of the 50 US states have been released. Joe Biden has received 238 electoral votes so far, according to Fox News, while Donald Trump has received 213 votes. It should be remembered that to become the President of the United States, 270 votes are required. It’s possible to believe networks. Six TV channels and a news agency are part of the list.

Twitter had previously said it would insist that the results be released by either local election authorities or state-run media outlets. Until the results are announced in tweets, they reveal the winning nominee. If, without referencing any of the selected outlets, a reporter or person on Twitter tweets about the findings, the tweet will be censored.

It is remember that the presidential election is going on between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in US. The results presidential of the election are coming out as the accounting of the votes are completing.