A new feature was introduced by Google to avoid the hacking of accounts

(Monitoring desk) Leading search engine Google has developed a new tool for users to prevent various accounts from being hacked. Google introduced a new tool for Chrome users to prevent various accounts from being hacked. The users of Chrome browser on Android and iPhone will learn about password hacking when any hacker try to hack the password of any digital account on internet. This feature was previously available in computers and Laptops but now it has been launched for smart phones as well for prevent account’s password from hackers because mobile users are more than computers and laptops across the world. This feature will check usernames and passwords of the internet users by sending them to Google servers that it will not fall into the hands of hackers in any data hacking. Google itself will not be able to see the user’s username or password, but will only be able to identify if it does not match the details found by hackers. This feature of Google is not working itself. This new product of Google will be work to protect password of accounts if the user of internet has stored their passwords of accounts in Chrome. Here a question is come in mind what is chrome because more internet users are unaware with this term. Chrome is a internet browser which is used for any browsing on the internet.