Standing Committee, Irregularities in Honors, Chairman of state TV called

Meeting chaired by Amir Dogar, chairman NHA announces 16 new projects in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD- During the meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, it was revealed that some of the recipients of the honorarium for working during the budget sessions of the years 2018-19 and 2019-20 are also being sought. He did not serve in the relevant budget sessions of the National Assembly. The award was also recommended by the state TV to the directors and their principal staff. On which the committee called the chairman of state TV in person at the next meeting. In the committee meeting, the chairman Highway Authority also announced to build 16 new projects in Balochistan.

A meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Government Assurances was held under the chairmanship of Chairman Malik Amir Dogar. The meeting reviewed the status of implementation of assurances and declarations made by the Government on various issues in the House. The standing committee’s notice noted that PTV was not rewarding its employees as announced by the finance Minister in the National Assembly.

The Standing Committee directed that all the lists drawn up should be finalized by PTV along with the original record and if deliberate misrepresentation was proved, strict action would be taken against the concerned authorities as per law.

The Standing Committee directed that all the beneficiaries be rewarded immediately.