Shahbaz Sharif Being turned over to NAB on Physical detain

LAHORE-At the trial of the money laundering reference against Mian Shahbaz Sharif, president of PML-N and Leader of the Opposition party in the National Assembly, the Accountability Court Lahore accepted the appeal of the NAB and remanded Shahbaz Sharif for 14 days in NAB custodianship. Judge Jawad Al-Hassan of the Court of Accountability also ordered the NAB to present Shahbaz Sharif again on 13th October.

The court had previously reserved its opinion on the application by the NAB for the physical detain of Shahbaz Sharef.

PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition party in the National Assembly Mian Shahbaz  Sharef, who was arrested yesterday, decided to defend his own case in court. He did not appoint any Advocate to hear his case in the accountability court. Judge Jawad Al-Hassan of the Accountability Court Lahore heard the appeal, while NAB lawyers Asim Mumtaz and Usman Ali Rashid appeared for proceedings. Shahbaz Sharif requested to give his arguments in the court that I will defend my own case in court and I will give sold arguments.

The jails officials did not carry Shahbaz Sharif’s son and other leader PML-N Hamza Shahbaz to court during the hearing of the money laundering case in the accountability court Lahore. The prison doctor informed the jury that Hamza Shahbaz was still in the isolation ward, and that the corona virus would be screened again. A statement was presented in court concerning Shahbaz Sharif’s wife and daughter.

Jawad Al-Hassan, Administrative Judge of the Accountability Court Lahore, acknowledged the apology from her permanent base while deciding on the petition of Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Jawariya Ali. Though Noman Advocate was requested to participate as her agent, the court allowed Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Jawariya Ali to return to attendance.

A progress report on the arrest warrant of Shahbaz Sharif’s son, Sulaiman Shahbaz, was demanded by the court. Judge Fazil questioned what is the statement on the granting of arrest warrant of Suleiman Shahbaz. The prosecutor responded that he would shortly send to the court the State Department’s report.

Shahbaz Sharif himself presented arguments when the money laundering case trial began in the accountability court Lahore. He said to Judge, my advocate have told the High Court Lahore that no NAB witness has complained against me, Shahbaz Sharif said that I will defend my own case, Judge.

He argued that when my father died, we were in Jeddah. The property was distributed by the three brothers and one sister. May Allah give health and life to my mother.  In her presence, they divided the property. Shahbaz Sharif informed I gave the property to my children as soon as I arrived in Pakistan. Being my office holder, it destroyed my children’s company. I have not allowed the Punjab farmers to be affected. I understand that this money belongs to the needy, orphans, widows and ordinary people.

He said that in 2017, the Chief Secretary of the Punjab Government provided me with a description. The description said that in Punjab there is sufficient sugar and they want to export it. I said that it’s a good thing that sugar should be exported.

The PML-N president, giving reasons, said, “I am suspected of raising my children’s assets during my period. I forced my children millions of rupees while being the Chief Minister of Punjab. I did not continue to fund the children; my decisions caused the children’s company to lose Rs. 90 million rupees.  He said that this plan of me had give benefits to the national exchequer from the amount millions rupees, thus giving grand benefits to the farmers. I ‘m going to get justice.