Prime Minister Imran Khan made a big appeal to the opposition parties

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk)Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the opposition parties to delay their meeting for a period of two to three months and said that the lives of people are at risk from the Corona virus, so be alert. 64 percent of the beds in Multan were full after the conference. When the sickness spread, our hospital did the same. Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the country on Thursday, referring to Corona, to exercise caution and introduce Corona virus SOPs.

Imran Khan also said our hospitals would be complete if Corona spreads at the same pace. There was a meeting in Multan, during which 64% of the beds in Multan were complete. 40 percent of the beds in Peshawar and about 50 percent of the beds in Islamabad are full of patients and about 40 percent of patients have come to Corona beds and ventilators in Pakistan. He said the Corona cases were growing and the cold was growing as well. As more individuals are brought around, Corona is more widespread, but less harmful in the open air.

Imran Khan said that the possibility of Corona spreading will increase as the winters get colder and the heaters are on at night and individuals gather around. He said that 40 percent of patients have come today and our hospitals will be complete if they rise at the same pace. Countries such as the United States and Europe have more money, but threats also remain. There can be very complicated conditions here. He said it’s time for the entire country to be vigilant and walk on SOPs. The biggest thing is to wear SOP masks. It decreases the danger of corona outbreaks.

The Prime Minister said that when we know that people are going to assemble and Corona is going to spread, I appeal to all today and even to those political opposition parties that the government will not be disturbed by the protest, but that people’s lives are in danger. He said that no one had meetings larger than us but the governments would not withdraw. Many of the participants in the parade don’t wear masks. This further raises the likelihood of coronary artery outbreaks. Then after two or three months, stage these rallies to save people from danger.

He said we’ve closed wedding rooms, restaurants and schools because all of these people and academics speak to me that you’ve closed people’s jobs and mosques, so if we have gatherings, they’re causing problems for us. The Prime Minister said that we rescued the world from lockout so that people’s jobs will not be disrupted, so today it is critical that we defend ourselves from the corona virus and obey the SOPs. Prime Minister Imran Khan said we were children in the first wave when we all followed the SOPs and God rescued us so let’s all follow the SOPs. He said that the rally that is trying to place pressure on me will not put any pressure on me, but will be playing with people’s lives. People’s lives are at stake. I advise you all to be vigilant and follow the SOPs, he added.