Prime Minister Imran Khan declares a 50% electricity price discount

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk)-Prime Minister Imran Khan, while announcing a 25 percent lower price supply of electricity to all kinds of factories to encourage industrialization and increase exports in the nation, said that he was seeking to increase exports as soon as he came to power as the prosperity of the country increased at the same time. It occurs because the rate of growth depends on exports. Pakistan is the nation on the subcontinent whose exports have recovered rapidly from the impact of the epidemic, and Pakistan has, in any event, faced the epidemic situation best recognized by the world.

Together with federal ministers and finance advisors, the Prime Minister gave a press conference in Islamabad, saying that electricity produced in Pakistan is 25 percent more costly than the electricity supplied to industrialists in India and Bangladesh that our exports are compared with. Unfortunately, costly power contracts have been signed, creating several problems in the region, and one problem is that our industry is unable to compete with low-cost energy industries.

Our exports began to decrease rather than rise from 2013 to 2018, and dropped from 25 25 billion to 20 20 billion, “he said.” The Prime Minister announced that we were seeking to increase exports as soon as we came to power because the country ‘s prosperity only rises as its growth rate depends on exports. If exports grow, so will money in the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said wealth is going to rise and the value of the rupee is going to improve, so we gave exporters a lot of incentives. Pakistan is a country on the subcontinent whose exports have recovered quickly from the impact of the epidemic. In every event, Pakistan has dealt with the disease situation in the only manner that has been accepted by the world.

The Prime Minister, unveiling the package, hoped it would improve exports and local manufacturing. 50 percent discount on the use of power until next June. Electricity will be sold to all forms of manufacturing at a 25 percent discounted rate for the next 3 years, which ensures that full-time off-hours will now be considered for industries.

The Prime Minister said he was pleased that cement sales in Pakistan hit record levels, car and motorcycle sales increased, amid the global epidemic, while the construction industry was also expanding, which would generate job opportunities. As a result, the world ‘s growth will add money to the country, so we can repay our debts.

As the second Corona epidemic has spread all over the country, the Prime Minister has called on people to wear masks if they leave home. Corona virus cases in Pakistan have also risen. Thank God Almighty for first defending us from Corona, now it is our responsibility because of our carelessness not to let it spread further.

On the occasion, Federal Minister Hamad Azhar said that 24 hours off-peak hours of electricity will be given to factories, and the world is going through recession. Our sales of cement and cars have grown.

Most energy is used by industrialization. Owing to the costly agreements of the past, the rate of production has risen. This kit for companies will help improve the economic process, and our business is a multinational industry. We are seeking to minimize manufacturing costs.