Prime Minister chaired the important meeting, price of wheat and important decisions made

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) — Federal Cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted much of the 9-point agenda. The meeting addressed the subsidy price of wheat and talks, while the meeting decided to delay future meetings of the PTI and further consultations due to Corona. The meeting agreed to retain the previous Cabinet decision pertaining to the wheat support price.

The wheat support price will stay at Rs 1,650, officials from Food Security said, adding that the wheat support price should be set at Rs 1,800. The sowing of the crop would be minimized by reducing the support price for wheat. 80 percent of farmers sow wheat in Punjab. Increasing the price of funding would make flour more costly. Because of the ministers’ conflicting opinions, the federal cabinet meeting saw a break in the subsidy price of wheat. The meeting also agreed not to hold any further cabinet meetings in theory.

Asad Umar said that there was Korona on one side and we were also having meetings on the other side. It can take a toll on us at sessions. The majority of the meeting participants complied with the recommendation by Asad Umar to postpone the meetings. Cancel the remainder, of course. Government subsidies have been declared as political bribery by the federal cabinet in different ways. It was decided that the cycle of subsidy of billions of rupees per month would cease.

Members of the Cabinet said the subsidy was for the poorer people and the backward regions only. In subsidy high-income sectors as securities, there is nothing wrong. Four ministers disagreed with the establishment of the wheat support price and demanded that the wheat support price be fixed at 1800, but their request would be refused.

Nadeem Afzal Chan, Special Assistant, said that the wheat price should be set at Rs. 1800. If the aid price for wheat is not raised, the amount of wheat would be lower. A relief price of Rs 1,800 was also suggested by Federal Minister Fakhr Imam and Minister of State Shabbir Qureshi, while Prime Minister Ishrat Hussain ‘s advisor also proposed a relief price of Rs 1,800. Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid, however, firmly opposed the establishment of the wheat price at Rs 1,800. He said that the price of wheat would skyrocket in two months if the price of wheat was set at Rs. 1800.

On the wheat price question, Prime Minister Swati remained silent. He received the Prime Minister ‘s approval and proceeded to appear at a cabinet conference. He said that flour should not be costly. How would the poor be able to afford them? The mafia is also involved in raising subsidy wheat prices. The Prime Minister, addressing the conference, said the country could not tolerate more inflation. We will take steps to ensure that wheat and flour do not suffer from a crisis. To reduce inflation, we will take concrete steps.

Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to that the support price of wheat will remain at Rs 1,650. If increase the price of wheat than the price of others agricultural products also increase.