PM Imran Khan has declared that he will not shut down business, Corona virus threatens to exacerbate the economic situation

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Pakistan’s Corona virus situation is worsening in the region. I rely on the public to enforce SOPs. We’re not going to close firms and plants. PM Imran Khan, speaking to the media in Lahore, said that the opposition was endangering people’s lives by organizing demonstrations and meetings. The situation with the Corona virus in Pakistan is getting dangerous. Be alert everybody. As in the first Corona virus surge. Any benefit from these sessions would not end in processions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that no one in the country will ever be offered NROs. PM Imran Khan said that we can’t starve people to death by saving them from Corona.  In factories, stores, shopping malls and other public areas, SOPs should be assured, although using masks is also important. If caution was not taken, he said then deaths would rise. We shouldn’t do it where there are more people meeting. Seeing the Corona virus scenario, we finished our conference.

Responding to a question from the author, he said that all the garbage goes to Ravi because of unplanned preparation. The goal of the Ravi River project is to save Lahore. The aim of the Bundle Ilands initiative is to save Karachi. Lahore’s greatest challenge, Imran Khan said is water and pollution. Lahore’s population has grown one and a half times in the past twenty years. For Pakistan, Ravi River City and the second Karachi Bundle Ilands are indispensable.

Elaborating on Pakistan’s economic condition, he said that there would be a historic deficit of 20 billion if it came to power. Interest payments for investments from previous governments. During the PML-N period, exports were at zero per cent. Pakistan, though, is on the right trajectory now. The economic success of Pakistan is also lauded by foreign organisations.

Talking about the sugar mafia, he said all was said in the inquiry article. Now, sugar levels are going down. Previously, the estimates for sugar mills were not exact, contributing to rising rates. He said measures against the occupying groups had only just begun. Punjab is trying to take steps against the occupation classes in particular. You’re going to hear the cries of the large occupation communities in Lahore now.

People from Occupy also compensated them for talks. All is going after the classes of the occupation. Such citizens used to inhabit the territories of Pakistanis overseas. The Prime Minister described foreign policy as the government’s greatest accomplishment and said that India had been called nice earlier and Pakistan was called a terrorist country. We have exposed the world to India. The United States used to say Domore, but nowadays it appreciates the sacrifices of Pakistan. There is no obligation on us to accept Israel, the same approach today that acknowledges Israel as the past.