NAB arrest Shahbez Sharif from Lahore High Court

LAHORE- PML-N President Shahbez Sharif has been arrested by the Lahore High Court (LHC) after his bail application was refused in a corruption case.A two-member of bench of Lahore High Court consisting of Justice Justice Farooq Haider and Sardar Ahmed Naeem examined the review petition by Shahbez Sharif and agreed to suspend the bail after receiving solid arguments. NAB arrest Shahbez Sharif from the room of Lahore High Court in a corruption case.

After the bail was cancelled by the court, NAB officials took Shahbez Sharif into arrest from the court room. On this occasion, the staff of the PML-N existing outside of the courtroom was furious and interacted with the policemen. Staff from the Frustrated PML-N staged protests against the NAB and the government. Fairly early, the advocate of Shahbez Sharif, Azam Nazir Tarar, launched objections in the court at the start of the hearing of the case and submitted to the court the details of the work undertaken during the tenure of Shahbez Sharif.

Lawyer Azam Nazir told the court that, to date, Shahbez Sharif has saved Rs1,000 billion from the public budget and has not earned his salaries as a representative of the Assembly. Advocate Azam Nazir said that in the Safe City scheme, crores of national exchequer rupees were also saved. We will give all these information if the court demand and gives permission. He said that during his term, Shahbez Sharif had saved billions of rupees, that somebody had saved billions, why would he have committed crores of corruption rupees?

Lawyer Shahbez Sharif, giving reasons, said the application file was submitted but he intends to arrest Anna in order to please him, because local body elections are also about to take place now. Azam Nazir Tarar said that the govt  itself says we want to put him in goal, what are the government’s aims of putting him in goal, what does Shahbez Sharif want to show, what is his purpose after holding him in goal for a couple of months? In front of you, he is. At the hearing of the case, on account of Shahbez Sharif, Amjad Pervez Advocate said that NAB Volume 4 states that his family representatives are not dependent on him, Volume 4 details the family members’ tax returns, and states who When did you start paying taxes?

On this occasion, lawyer Amjad Pervez submitted the puberty chart and tax return of the children of Shahbez Sharif to the court , claiming that Jawariya and Rabia are paying tax, that Hamza Shahbez and Salman Shahbez are paying tax, and that any child is under Shahbez Sharif. No funding exists.

Advocate Shahbez Sharif said he paid tax on all the revenue and had it audited as well. After 20 years, NAB will not consider a tax return from NAB. NAB is unable to locate the Rs. 26 crore gap, so it does not accept revenue. Shahbez Sharif also came to the chair during the hearing of the case to present his stance and said that, after paying tax for 12 years, I am waiting before the tribunal for the restoration of bail. I will remove my petition for bail.

My father was a poor farmer’s son. He began working on a loan. It occurred, God willing. It has become the largest iron business in 1970. They nationalized our iron industry. My dad set up six further factories, we were branded standard technicians in the banks, his elders selling the manufacturing facility and charged Rs 6 billion, and my father said that we had to live and die here President PML-N said that he did not admit free corruption, I said that if the federal government gives subsidy, there would be no complaint, Sindh government gave more subsidies of Rs 9 and a half per kg to owners of sugar mills, exports that means a decrease of Rs. 23 crore.