Just one gathering is enough, and the government will not allow the PDM to hold more gatherings

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk) PDM meeting shows disagreement not to authorize future meetings on violation of agreement. The final decision will be taken by the Prime Minister as to whether or not to allow future gatherings. A notification of a breach of the agreement was sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan at the PDM meeting, according to the details. The study recommended that further meetings on the breach of the agreement could not be held, arguing that the agreement reached by the opposition was clearly broken.

The report claimed that the written agreement had been broken by the opposition and the meeting did not finish on time. Gatherings and rallies from Lahore to Gujranwala witnessed SOP violations, no one wore a mask, and social distance was not taken care of.

Maryam Nawaz violated the commitment not to discuss the rally in Lahore, according to sources. On the way, Maryam Nawaz won’t be addressing a reception camp. The brief speech in Shahidrah by Maryam Nawaz was a violation of the deal. Sources said that the federal and provincial ministers were watching the gathering. It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan will make a final decision on whether to allow future opposition meetings for SOP violations tomorrow. There are signs, according to media outlets, that permission will not be given.