India’s message for talks, Pakistan laid down conditions for talks

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring desk) Special Assistant for National Security Dr. Moeed Yousaf has said that India has made a false argument of terrorism against Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his voice in the world more than previous governments. The most significant group in this dispute is the people of Kashmir. Economic peace and transfer are main goals for development in the vision of the Pakistani Prime Minister. He explained these viewpoints in an exclusive interview with an Indian journalist.

During the interview, Dr. Moeed Yousuf pointed out India’s latest evidence of terrorism in Pakistan and said that there was irrefutable evidence that Indian terrorism was funded by Pakistan. At the time of the attack, the planner of the APS attack was in contact with India’s intelligence agency, RAW. Pakistan also has proof of India’s phone calls. RAW targets the Chinese Consulate, PC Gwadar and the stock exchange in a Prussian country via an embassy. The TTP and terrorist groups have recently been incorporated into Afghanistan, under the supervision of RAW policemen, and paid 10 1 million for it. Pro-Hindu terrorists such as Majhuta are released by Indian courts.

Dr. Moeed Yousuf has said that the conditions for successful dialogue have been set by Pakistan. The immediate release of political prisoners in Occupied Kashmir should take place. In occupied Kashmir, end the inhumane military blockade. The legislation applicable to the alteration in population proportions in Occupied Kashmir should be repealed. The abuses of human rights in Occupied Kashmir must be stopped. State terrorism by India against Pakistan needs to be stopped.

He also said that Pakistan is determined to peace in the region, that Pakistan wants peace, but India’s Hindutva government’s repressive policies stand in the way. Due to its expansionist policies, the Modi government has been left alone in the region. Without ending the barbarism and military siege on the Indian Kashmiris, talks are impossible.

The world understands that the people of Kashmir are not ready to live under the control of the violent occupation of India and that the people of Kashmir hated to India. India has made a fake terror declaration against Pakistan. More often than previous governments, Prime Minister Imran Khan has elevated his voice in the country. In this dispute between Pakistan and India, the most powerful group is the Kashmir’s people.

Economic security and transportation are main goals for Pakistan’s Prime Minister ‘s prosperity. Moeed Yousuf, responding to a comment, said that Pakistan was struggling for peace in its neighborhood. With UNITED NATION resolutions, Pakistan is settling the conflict and meeting the Kashmir’s expectations. Indian propaganda will not alter the principal stance of Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir, my counterpart in India is busy blocking any avenue of dialogue. Pakistan wants stability, and any dialogue with India would be welcomed. If the lives of people of Kashmir in occupied Kashmir are normalized by India.

Let the people of Kashmir be accepted in the talks as the main group, and let India stop supporting terrorism against Pakistan. Any error by India would result in Pakistan’s strong reaction. The globe will see which nation loves peace and which is at war with its neighbors. Negotiations can take place if Modi’s government prevents oppression of Kashmir’s people.