Holidays of winter, the Prime Minister gave another week to close schools

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The government decided to prohibit rallies in the country following the outbreak of the second wave of the global Corona epidemic in the country. In wedding halls, more than 300 people will not be able to attend events, while Prime Minister Imran Khan said SOPs should be followed in mosques, factories and shops. A week later, the final decision to close the schools will be made. In ten days, Corona cases have increased. The hospitals will be filled with patients if care is not taken. More dangerous than ever is the virus. When we are careful, we can stop it.

Due to the lock-down, India has not emerged from the economic crisis yet. From its mobile phone, Tiger Force will tell us who is not following SOPs. Throughout the country, we have ended our meetings and the remaining will say the same thing to everyone. Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Corona was held on Monday, during which different issues were viewed. The Government of Pakistan will made the final decision after one week to close schools.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan briefed the media, saying that on a day when there were 6 to 7 fatalities, it had now risen to 25. If SOPs were not followed, he feared the consequences could be dire. Prime Minister stated that the effects of the epidemic would be stopped if care was taken on this occasion. He stressed the importance of wearing masks and said that the number of cases could be greatly decreased if individuals wore masks in public places.

PM Imran Khan said we should not stop business operations, but SOPs should be enforced everywhere so that there is not such a trend that we had to lock down a few months ago. He urged the Tiger Force to keep offering information on non-implementation of SOPs.

Imran Khan said that the meeting to be held this week has been cancelled and we will urge other political parties to abstain from holding the meeting. He quoted officials from Gilgit-Baltistan as saying that since the election campaign, there had been a sharp increase in Corona cases. The Prime Minister said wedding ceremonies should be held in open spaces, but there should be no more than 300 people attending, and masks should be worn by all participants.

Imran Khan said that by next week he would decide whether or not to close the schools. He further explained that the number of school cases is not rising at an alarming rate. He said that we would reduce the number of summer holidays by increasing the number of winter holidays if the number of cases increased. He said it was Allah’s grace that in the country the death rate due to corona stayed stable.

Imran Khan said that the situation could not get worse if God was willing. He said the Corona cases are rising more than ever in the light of which it can be said that the second Corona virus wave is coming. The Prime Minister said that during the Corona outbreak, we were still able to save our economy. He said that other industries, including service, tourism, restaurants, suffered a lot, but relative to other nations, they also suffered a lot. He said that from his cell phone, the Tiger Force will inform us who is not adopting SOPs. He said we’ve finished our discussions all over the nation and the others are going to say the same thing to everyone.