Control sources angry over Nawaz Sharif’s speech

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) Power circles are upset at the deliberate criticism of Nawaz Sharif’s speech of the military and intelligence leadership at Democratic rallies in Pakistan. Senior PML-N leaders have been advised to communicate to Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif that it would not be possible to succeed in attempting to attack the institutions, and if this continues, the biggest loss will be. It’ll just happen with PML-N.

By criticizing the army chief and the head of the National Security Agency, Nawaz Sharif appeases India. On the other hand, the federal government has begun discussing banning Nawaz Sharif’s speech on social media in response to Nawaz Sharif’s relentless critique of national security agencies. The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Information have proposed banning the address of Nawaz Sharif at the PDM meetings, which are scheduled to be determined shortly.

Sources said that conditional permit to hold meetings will be granted to the PDM. Before hosting the rally, the PDM will now have to ensure that Nawaz Sharif will not address the issue via video connection. The rally will not be approved if the PDM does not approve.