Chemists and Druggists Association declares boycott of French pharmaceutical companies’s products

LAKKI MARWAT (Monitoring Desk) Pakistan Chemist and Drug Association Lakki Marwat declares a boycott of French pharmaceutical companies’s products in protest against blasphemous images. Haji Muhammad Bashir chaired the association ‘s meeting, and General Secretaries Rashid Ahmed and Wahab Khan, Aziz Khan, Zahid Ali, Shah Farman Khan, Asif Khan, Rafiullah, Haji Muzaffar Khan, Amir Khan, and other drug dealers were present. The session passed a resolution opposing the publishing of blasphemous sketches in France and declared that we boycott of French pharmaceutical firms’s drugs and other products by consultations at provincial level.

For the martyrs and injured of the bomb blast at a religious seminary in Peshawar, a joint prayer was offered. Haji Muhammad Bashir has claimed that the government should take a strong stand against France and lift the issue internationally. He said that, under the guise of speech, insolence in the name of the Prophet Muhammad was intolerable for the Muslim Ummah and should be noticed by the global community. He said measures should be taken by the government to root out terrorists and create a permanent peace.