Bringing new technology for clean and transparent elections, Imran Khan in Hafizabad

HAFIZABAD (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Nawaz Sharif is speaking the language of India to save his robbery. No matter how many meetings you choose, you will not leave them until you recover the robbed property of the nation. They lost when they attempted to bribe me, and launched a plot against the institutions. Islam is in danger because of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, not because of me.

Who has raised the question of the dignity of the Holy Prophet on a global scale? We work for the rule of law. NAB was a slave in his day and is free today. Like Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq and Mir Ayaz Sadiq, I am going to compete with Nawaz Sharif. Not also in developed nations such as Pakistan. On Saturday, addressing a public meeting here, he said, “I thank you for your wonderful welcome.”

He said he had agreed to establish the University of Hafizabad and the District Hospital because he wanted both of them when Imran Khan in Hafizabad addressing the meeting. Prime Minister Imran Khan said all Punjab residents would get health cards by 2021 and each family will receive up to Rs 1 million in free care, while private hospitals will be built in areas such as Hafizabad.

The work of making Pakistan a welfare state has begun, he added. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that even the wealthiest countries in Pakistan do not have this health care. He said that the PTI government was reunited in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because the poverty rate had decreased from 28 percent to 18 percent there.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the elders were all about food , clothing and homes, but for the first time, we are going to give people houses. The Prime Minister has confirmed that disadvantaged people would now be able to build their own homes under the Proposed Pakistan Housing Scheme. To build homes, citizens would be able to take loans from banks at 5 percent interest. Poverty mitigation measures are being made by the government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, attacking the opposition, said that some people have set up a circus in our country these days. There are the persons who have been returning to the nation for 30 years. There was a special law for these persons in their day and a separate law for buffalo thieves, but now it’s hard for them because we have left the NAB absolutely wild.

The Prime Minister said the people in the circus said that the election was rigged. I offered to open the circle if it was rigged.

Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that only open elections were held in 1970 in the history of the world, aside from claims of manipulation in any election. In the 2018 elections, we have already said that we are willing to free constituencies. Just 11 petitions for theft were filed by the PML-N. For the first time in the history of cricket, I took in a neutral empire. We played a match with a neutral umpire when the Indian team came to Pakistan. We are going to hold such an election that the loser will now agree that the election was transparent, that electronic voting is also working.