Billions of rupees corruption scandal in National Bank of Pakistan has been opened

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The billion rupee corruption scandal in National Bank of Pakistan has come to light. The management of the bank opened the national treasury’s mouth and showered it on their loved ones. By giving Rs 998 million to a law consultant alone, he built a new record of corruption scandal in National Bank of Pakistan. The Ministry of Finance and the National Bank’s administration tricked Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to reports, 90 close relatives have been deployed by the management of the National Bank in the United States, while only 100 Pakistanis are customers of the bank in the United States and those posted in the United States are being highly paid. Sources said that in the PTI government, 200 people in Grade 18 were hired by the bank management. Of these 200 newly appointed officers, Rs 2.5 billion is invested annually, and with the blessings of Finance Advisor Hafeez Sheikh, all this abuse is achieved.

The director of the bank paid his close friend’s Legal Officer a daily salary of Rs 20,000 in the form of a Corona Allowance, which poses a massive financial loss to the national exchequer, while the head of the legal department also gets 350 litres of petrol a month. Sources said that according to the law ministry’s orders, more than Rs 200 million was paid to a lawyer named Faisal Ghani. On the matter, a bank spokesman declined to comment.