40 million children are targeted for polio vaccination, Noshin Hamid

The Sindh Government retains the Karachi Tax, Waseem Akhtar

KARACHI- Former Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar said that Sindh Government keeps Karachi tax with it. The powers give us that be cannot serve the people. Parliamentary health secretary Noshin Hamid says 40 million children across the country are targeted for polio vaccination. We are trying to ensure that no one child is left without polio drops in Karachi. Former diplomat Shahid Ameen said that the world has shown indifference towards occupied Kashmir. Shehzad Rai, head of the Life Trust, said the population was a big problem at the moment. Dr. Talib Lashari , Techinical Adviser, of Population Welfare Department of  Sindh Government, said that according to the last census, Pakistan’s population has increased by 60% in the last 20 years.

Former Mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar while informing about the demand of MQM Pakistan rally in Karachi said that all powers are in Karachi, the whole of Pakistan is witnessing this after my departure. He said that even through media , everyone knows that the power given to KMC cannot serve the people of Karachi.  Informing about the ongoing anti-polio campaign in Pakistan,Parliamentary  health Secretary Noshin Hamid said that the anti-polio campaign in underway which was start on September 21 and will continue across Pakistan till Friday. The campaign will be continued by two days in the Union Councils which are at high risk of polio, including Quetta and Peshwar blocks.

Expressing his views on the Prime Minister’s  address to the General Assembly, former Ambassador Shahid Ameen said that the speech delivered by the Prime Minister in the General  Assembly last year is being appreciated till date.  He will make a similar speech today, the focus of which will be to draw the world’s attention to occupied Kashmir. He said that the world has shown indifference towards Occupies Kashmir mainly because India is a big market and a political and military power. Most countries tailor their policing to their advantage so, they are not in favor of spoiling relations with India. The program showed a report on garbage dumps in various places in Lahore city and talked to journalist  Naseem Qureshi about it. Naseem Qureshi said that it is very sad to see garbage and dirt piles in Lahore and every citizen of Lahore is also saddened to see what has happened to Lahore.

He said that despite spending billions of rupees from people’s taxes, all this is happening under Imran Khan and this good Govt.

At the event, Shehzad Rai, head of the Life Trust, and Dr. Talib Lashari, technical adviser to the Sindh Govt’s population Welfare department, shared their views on the alarming increase in Pakistan’s population. Dr. Talib said that acoording to the last census, the population of Pakistan has increased by 60% in the last twenty years and the population of Pakistan will double in the next thirty years. In contrast, in other Asian countries, the population has grown so much in 60 years. There is a need to control the growing population in Pakistan.