13-days ultimatum given to Imran Khan to resign: Khawaja Asif

SIALKOT (Monitoring Desk) Khawaja Asif, Pakistan’s Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) central leader and member of the National Assembly, has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi has a 13-day ultimatum and should resign before the deadline expires. For Imran Khan, this is good. Just like the Multan PDM meeting, now the Prime Minister is going to have to go home. When talking to journalists, he articulated these thoughts.

Khawaja Asif said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s interpretation of the meeting will continue and that he should now understand the Multan meeting well and return to his dream home. He said that if in thirteen days, Prime Minister Imran Khan did not resign, and then we will advise him how to go home. He said that the fascist vote-stealing government attempted unsuccessfully to stop every PDM rally from the Gujranwala rally to the Multan rally, while the government had to face it every time.

He said the flour thief government’s every effort was stopped by the sea of citizens and the people are now with the PDM. He said that you would soon see, Prime Minister Imran Khan that a sea of people will arrive and your vote will be swept away by the authoritarian regime. He said you were distrusted by the people, and the days of the voting-stealing government were numbered. If you do not recognize the nation’s citizen’s decision in 13 days, the sea of the people will be the tsunami of your false power. He said that his leave order had been written by the People’s Court and would be implemented by the PDM.

 Government wonders for spreading corona virus in PDM meeting. The next PDM meeting will be held in Lahore on 13 December. To stop PDM meeting in Lahore, may be Government of Imran Khan decide to impose complete lock-down in the state. In the PDM meeting people not follow the SOPs to prevent from corona virus which is very dangerous for the health of the people who join the PDM meeting.