Second corona virus outbreak may be more threatening, medical experts warn

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk) Medical experts warn that once recovered, individuals who have been infected with the corona virus may be targeted a second time. However, the second assault could be more toxic and harmful than the first.

These views are articulated in a case study published on the website of the leading journal of medical research, The Lancet, this week. A 25-year-old Nevada man who received the corona virus in April but was able to defeat the disease is mentioned in the case study. In June, however, the same disease hit again.

The second attack of Covid-19 corona virus disease was more severe , causing the young man to have insufficient blood oxygen and feel short of breath. The second corona virus that infected the young man was much bigger than the previous corona virus, genetic analysis showed. This implies that the corona virus is growing much more rapidly than we expected.

In the case study, experts warn that a second corona virus attack may be more serious and risky, and possibly more lethal, than the first. In the first corona virus attack, an 89-year-old woman from the Netherlands died, but the virus killed her in the second. Nevertheless, the woman was still suffering from cancer and was going through chemotherapy. It is also said that Senior PPP Chief Rashid Rabbani died of a second corona virus attack. In May, he was first infected with the corona virus, which had been identified by a corona virus examination. But she had no symptoms at all and recovered after a few days. In late September, a second corona virus attacked them, which was more severe than the first. And that’s why he passed away.

People who survive after the corona virus has been killed should not be under the assumption that the virus is not going to attack them again, according to experts. They need to be more aware instead, because a second corona virus attack may be more risky and much more fatal than the first.