Corona Virus cases reported, three private schools discontinued their branches

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk) Corona Virus  cases in three private schools in Lahore have come to light. For 10 days, the branches of all three private schools were closed. Three cases of Corona were positive in the branch of a very well-known school in the provincial capital of Lahore, following which the branches of three private schools in the city closed for ten days. School authorities says that Corona-affected children did not come to school, but as a security precaution, the school was stopped, management says online classes would begin.

It should be remembered that 12 more COVID-19 patients died nationally within 24 hours, with 847 cases coming to light. 31,009 tests for the corona virus were performed yesterday throughout the nation, according to the National Command and Operations Center. A total of 4,235,329 corona tests have so far been conducted.

In the last 24 hours, further 847 COVID-19 cases were recorded. In the face of this deadly outbreak, 12 more people lost their lives and 455 patients survived from the illness. In Pakistan, the number of corona cases has crossed 327,063. The number of deaths from the epidemic has risen to 6,727. In hospitals, quarantine centers and households, 10,235 corona virus patients around the nation are now in isolation. Of these, 586 are in a critical state. 3,000,101 people have recovered from this infection.

The number of patients with corona virus raised to 143,222 more in Sindh than in other provinces. Other provinces also raised the death toll from the deadly virus to 2,594. To date, 12,467 COVID-19 cases have been recorded in Punjab. The number of deaths increased to 2,334.

The number of patients with the corona virus has touched 38,923 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The number of deaths increased to 1,268. So far, 18,764 infection caused with the COVID-19 have come forward in the federal capital, Islamabad. 207 lives have been taken by the outbreak. In Balochistan, where 148 people have died recently, 15,791 corona virus cases have been registered so far.

4,148 corona virus cases were recorded in Gilgit-Baltistan. 90 people were killed by it. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 3,748 corona virus cases are reported to date. 86 patients have been killed by the virus.