World’s lonely Kavaan elephant started a new life in his new home

ISLAMABAD (News Desk) World’s lonely Kavaan elephant, who was transferred from Pakistan to Cambodia on a court order, has started a new life in his new home. Kavaan elephant has been living alone for 34 years at the Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan. Because of this loneliness, the Kavaan elephant was also known worldwide as the ‘ world’s Lonely Elephant in the World’.

Kavaan elephant was born in Sri Lanka in 1984. Kavaan elephant was given to Pakistan as a gift by the Sri Lankan government in 1985 when Kavaan was just one year old. The Kavaan elephant was alone for a long time, while in 1990, an elephant was gifted to Pakistan by Bangladesh, named ‘Saheli’. Like Kavaan, Saheli was also born in Sri Lanka in 1989. Elephant’s friend died in 2012 due to medical reasons, after which Kavaan was left alone again.