Mahira Khan posted the photos of the new film with Quaid-e-Azaman’s statement

LAHORE (News reporter) Film star Mahira Khan posted some images from the upcoming movie “Zida Abad Quaid-e – Azam” and reminded fans of Pakistan’s founder ‘s words about women. The actress posted pictures of herself and Fahad Mustafa taken during the Insta movie shoot and said the movie’s teaser would be launched on Saturday, October 17. In the caption, the expert wrote the famous saying of Quaid-e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: unless his women are by his side, no nation can achieve the heights of grandeur.

Fahad Mustafa, Mahra ‘s hero in the movie, wrote in Post ‘s comment, don’t fear, nothing will happen to you with a rose. This exciting photo was also posted by Fahad Mustafa, who played the role of a police officer in an action comedy film. He had earlier given the followers in the film the first glimpse of his position. Earlier, Mahira had a special appearance directed by Nabil Qureshi in Fahad ‘s film “Ektron Rule”.