Katy Perry should go on a “healing retreat” to get her motherhood nerves under control

Katy Perry revealed that she went on a “healing journey” after realizing her apprehension about being a mother. The singer told L’Officiel that she first didn’t think motherhood was for her, but she conquered her fears and welcomed her daughter Daisy Dove into the world.

She said, “I was anxious about being a mother.” The Smile singer revealed that she went on a “healing journey” to better understand her feelings and find out what was causing them.

“Now I get it,” she remarked. “Now I realize this is it.”

“Every day I’m like, ‘When can we go for a walk? When can we go for a swim?’ For a good 12 years, there was no such thing as smallness.”

 “It was incredible to live large and free,” she continued, “but sometimes it’s lovely just to throw the ball on the grass and watch your daughter giggle at the simple pleasure of the dog coming and bringing it back.”

The 13-time Grammy winner admitted that Katy Perry feels “vulnerable” when it comes to parenting her daughter, but is confident that she will do an excellent job. “Now I have this enormous responsibility of caring for such a wonderful gift,” she explained. “It makes you extremely sensitive and reminds you of your own childhood, which you presumably want to do differently, as I do.”